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Drayage Services with Dr. Drayage

When you need cargo transportation services, Dr. Drayage is here to help. We provide drayage services for companies in California, Oregon, New Mexico and more.

Read on to learn about drayage and how we can help transport your goods.


What Is Drayage?

Drayage refers to the process of transporting goods over a short distance. When cargo arrives at ports, it needs a way to get to an inland destination. Drayage services provide the solution for cargo transportation. The container shipping industry typically uses drayage trucks to transport goods, though the services are also available for minor transporting of goods.

Many drayage shipping companies provide services, including:

  • Trucking container cargo from port to port.
  • Transporting goods from port to another part of transportation, like a rail yard.
  • Using drayage trucking to transport cargo to a final destination.
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Container to Truck Services

When shipping containers arrive at port with your cargo, you need to move the goods inside to their next or ultimate location. Drayage trucking allows for easy container transportation. Trucks will carry the container load, ensuring it arrives at its destination.


How Goods Get From Ports to Your Business

When you use drayage for your transportation, numerous methods help move your goods through the supply chain from the port to your business. You could opt for direct drayage services to drive the cargo from the port to your warehouse or business location.

Another option includes using several transportation services, such as trucking and railways. Drayage freight services work with trucking to ensure products get to their destination. When you opt to use both, a truck will collect the cargo from the port then travel to the rail yard that handles the next part of the journey. Drayage freight handlers ensure the cargo moves from the truck to the train without issue.

With our drayage services, you can ensure your cargo arrives at its intended destination.

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Working With Dr. Drayage

If you want a reliable drayage partner, Dr. Drayage can help. We’re experts in logistics and drayage trucking. We’ll ensure you can access the best drayage freight services throughout the West Coast. Dr. Drayage offers drayage services for Los Angeles businesses and more. We serve L.A. and Long Beach ports and companies across the West Coast, from California and Oregon to West Texas.

We’ll make sure every shipment you place gets to its destination. Work with Dr. Drayage today and benefit from our strong drive to deliver quality solutions. Reach out to us and request a quote to get started with your drayage.

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